Our Covid 19 Commitments

Guarantee your safety!
We are a tourism professional registered under number 851 187 039 00017 in Perpignan since May 16, 2019.
Our accommodation is classified for 5 years as "Furnished tourist accommodation" 2 stars.

As manager of the tourism sector, we adapt our working procedures:

1 / Sanitary
We decided to equip Alba Studios with a steam cleaner. Dry steam at 120 ° C has a strong disinfecting power!
Complementary to the health security measures indicated by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health in a directive of March 5, 2020.

Steam at 120 ° C and 4.5 bar of pressure as generated, presents not only cleaning but also disinfectant properties incomparable. And who says disinfection, says protection of our health!

Our procedure:
→ Ventilate the room.
→ Clean with particular care the door handles, switches, taps, remote control and any accessory likely to have been in contact with the hand
→Avoid shaking bedding or towels. use of the steam cleaner on the bedding after each departure
→ Used sheets and towels immediately in the laundry basket and ensure that the distances between clean and room linen are respected.
→ Use standard household gloves; for cleaning surfaces, use wet wipes.
→ Between each room, wash the gloved hands (household gloves) with soap and water.

2 / Reception:
→ Bring in the customers one by one and respect a distance of 1 m between our visitors